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The creative literacy and social innovation movement


The Let's Innovate Youth Movement is a creative literacy and social innovation movement aimed at empowering the innovational and entrepreneurial spirit of young people. The Movement aims to expand the concept of general literacy and to bring forward the importance of innovation and creative thinking in everyday life. The Movement emphasises diverse creative literacy not limited to formal academic education.

This not-for-profit organization works to improve the lives of youth through creative literacy development.

The organization’s activities are primarily focused on creative literacy in the environment, education, and scientific innovation. Founded as a national technological awareness campaign in 2009, the campaign organized workshops and brainstorming camps across the rural parts of the country covering more than 12 states in the first year.

In addition to technology literacy, the environment, education, and innovation were on board when the campaign became a social literacy movement. The partnership with various institutes and organizations, helped the movement to cover more than a hundred sites which resulted in a nationwide impact. In 2013, Let's Innovate Youth has become a global movement.

Since its reach into the global arena, The Let's Innovate Youth Movement resulted in 22 innovations, 178 workshops, training sessions, and camps, and 78 awards received by mentored students, covering 36 countries and 89,000 youth worldwide.​

Our Mission

The mission of the movement is to empower creative youth for the betterment of our planet and humanity.



Campaign is the specialized interactive sessions that inculcate and enhances the latent creativity minds set.


Mentorship is the brainstorming program crafted as a holistic support space for remarkable changemakers and problem solvers.


Incubation is the ecosystem with acceleration capabilities that enables individuals to unleash the full potential of core competencies​.


Partnership is the strategized professional collaboration established to connect resources and expertise toward a shared goal.


Workshop is a series of differentiated hands-on activities designed as action-oriented to encourage adaptive learning.


The Let's Innovate Youth Movement is engineered as a platform to address and to better integrate the literacy of environment, education, and innovation beyond the scope of formal education.

It allows us to address and make aware of the current global challenges of humanity to young people at an early age.

We are a pro-innovation establishment that offers significant creative space to assist creative minds in diverse fields. But what constitutes a successful environment to facilitate creativity in every aspect is quite puzzling. Hence to maximize the impact, our environment is structured to provide intellectual freedom, professional confidentiality, and a safe space for young minds. The Movement is executed by a volunteer group chaired by the founder.

The key principles on which our environment prospers are

Cutting-edge knowledge

Effective leadership


Discussion & disagreement


clean educational practice



We explore the means of responding to the diminishing interest in the intellectual contribution of youth to the pressing issues of humanity. In Let's Innovate Youth Movement, true knowledge and free expression for all are the ethical value that we hold dearest.

The chance to be actively involved in solving the most pressing social issues through intellectual contribution and cutting-edge innovation is a powerful motivator of our movement. Shared literacy allows the team to be more productive and deliver impactful results, and manage the complex relationships between institutes and individuals. The movement literacy programs are set with an open mind to address the future conflicts and challenges of humankind.



The movement was founded as a technological awareness campaign in 2009. The first workshop session included 120 higher secondary students.


The activities of the campaign paved the way to incorporate the environment, education, and scientific innovation, thus becoming a social movement of thousands.


The multi-disciplinary brainstorm camps across the rural parts of the country inspired youth to indulge in nation-building activities that allowed the movement to gain a national wide impact in 2011.


The visionary association with various institutes and organizations helped the movement to become a platform for youth to maintain their intellectual freedom and strengthen their out-of-the-box mindset.

International Establishment

The independent and innovative environment of the movement enabled its establishment into the global arena. In 2013, Let's Innovate Youth became a global movement.

Global Coalition

The movement works with various organizations around the world to promote a creative ecosystem and cultivate next-generation change makers.


The movement resulted in socially remarkable scientific innovations and research around the globe that strengthened the international community, especially the children and young people.


The movement allows the discovery of real potential in each youth impacting the generation of individuals who are ready to innovate for social causes and who have the ability to become future problem solvers.


The inspiration behind this movement is to create a generation of young and impactful minds who can contribute to the advancement of human civilization.

The untapped stream of innovative minds is the world’s greatest loss in this intellectual age. Sowing the seeds of creativity and harnessing their capabilities will eliminate the greatest threats to human civilization, now and in the future.

With this goal in mind, our journey begins in 2009 as a technological awareness campaign. Since then we have been building the movement bit-by-bit as we have diversified into scientific research, mentorship, acceleration, innovation partnerships, and a lot more.

This evolution of the technological campaign into a full-fledged social literacy movement shows that our vision is a collective one that belongs to all human kind.


Creative thinking and a problem-solving mindset are the only possible equalizers of our current environmental, economical and social imbalance.

We passionately work towards making a significant difference in people’s lives and their communities. The prime activity of the Let's Innovate Youth Movement is to optimize and streamline the thought process of young minds. It enables mastering the art of innovation and creative thinking.

Since the inception of the Let's Innovate Youth Movement in 2009, we have been mentoring and evolving more than 89,000 youth across the globe, creating a global community of positive thinkers who can bring social impact to the world. We believe by inspiring and supporting young people to have fun innovating and being creative, represents the ultimate purpose of our movement. The movement acted as a tool to bring 22 new innovations to the planet, driving impactful change one step at a time.

78 awards received by mentored students

22 new innovations

36 countries impacted

178 workshops and camps

89,000 youth worldwide covered

The Let's Innovate Youth Movement was conceptualized as a technological awareness campaign for the people who shape our planet, the young minds. The nationwide success of the movement pushed the vision across borders in 2013. The timely progression allowed the transformation of the campaign into a global social literacy empowerment movement.

To create permanent bridges with the young minds, the movement partnered globally, integrating with incubation centers and organizations.

The centers act as a creative hotspot for students to explore their creativity and to work in a team atmosphere. Emerging as a global movement, more than 178 workshops have been conducted internationally, bringing out the latent potential of young minds to the world.

Countries Impacted


Diana International Award

International science contribution Award





Scizard of the month

Muthumuniyandi M

Muthumuniyandi hails from the outskirts of Southeast Asia and has been part of the movement since early 2015. Specializing in the field of biological research, he is best known for his creation of a sustainable eco-friendly battery made from plant wastes, the BIOtic Battery.

A creative thinker from his formative years, he was keen to explore the world of science. The idea of creating the pollutant-free battery dawned when he came across the negative impacts on the environment caused by conventional power cells. His idea was one among the selective mentorship and incubation program of the 2016 batch.

He made it his mission to provide a solution to this environmental difficulty and started research on an eco-friendly alternative. After a series of experiments, he materialized an effective organic electrocatalyst in 2016. The innovation represented India at International Engineering Expo 2016, Malaysia, and was celebrated in the global arena as it bagged the gold medal.


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22 new


78 awards received by
mentored students

178 workshops
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